Canadians Are Creating Their Own ‘Sad Pokemon Go’ Since They’ve Been Left Out Of The Fun

Everybody across the United States has been having an absolute ball “catching them all” at any and all gyms and Poké Stops in their neighborhoods. Data limitations and battery life be damned, Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm and turning cities across the country into zombie landscapes where everybody stares at their phones waiting for that sweet sweet vibration that lets them know a Pokémon is in the area and ready to find a new home in a Pokéball. But what many players might not know is that people in the US of A are luckier than their counterparts across the border in Canada, who don’t know what it feels like to have a Porygon run away from them twice in one day because they can’t download the app.

That’s right, Canadians have been left out in the cold (heh) when it comes to one of the most addictive and popular apps in recent memory. To cope with their lack of Pokémon Go, Canadians have been creating therapeutic ways to pretend they are playing the game anyway which has resulted in a super funny – but also a little bit sad – set of memes.

There’s the people who are pretending their household pets are Pokémon.

Or the Canadians who are fantasizing what it would be like to actually discover a Pokémon wandering around in the wild.

Okay, this one veers from funny to sad to nightmare fuel faster than you can say “Team Rocket.”

Don’t fret Canada, this game has raised Nintendo’s value so much there is no way that they’ll keep it from you for much longer. Even if it takes a few more weeks before it appears in the Canadian App Store like a high-CP Fearow suddenly spreading its wings in the middle of Times Square at rush hour, that’ll be fine too because it means all of the lucky Trainers roaming around to the South get to enjoy more hilarious memes.

(via Buzzfeed)