Tomi Lahren And Candace Owens Are Right-Wing Infighting Over Caitlyn Jenner And What It Means To Be A Conservative

You can thank Caitlyn Jenner, transphobia, and this weekend’s CPAC event for the latest Republican catfight going down on social media right now.

Jenner made an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas this weekend to, among other things, drum up support for her California gubernatorial campaign. Despite being a loud and proud right-wing cardholder, Jenner was followed by hecklers during the conference who deadnamed her, calling her a “tranny” and a “sick freak.” Pretty despicable behavior, though not that surprising considering the kind of crowd Jenner’s been hanging out with, politically speaking. Still, that kind of abuse and transphobic bullying didn’t sit well with Tomi Lahren, who made a point to condemn anyone attacking Jenner for how she identifies herself:

Now, we know what you’re thinking. This seems like a fairly progressive stance from a woman who once compared the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK but we guess even a racist chatterbox like Lahren has the capacity to be tolerant sometimes? Anyway, this surprising show of acceptance didn’t sit well with Lahren’s Republican cohort Candace Owens, who took to her podcast to condemn the bullying of Jenner before she laid into Lahren for … suggesting that conservative Christians can be pro-choice and supporters of trans rights?

“You don’t need to be a warden of Christianity to know that supporting abortion and supporting transgenderism is problematic,” Owens said. “All you have to do is actually read the Bible. I cannot support Caitlyn Jenner for governor because Caitlyn Jenner believes…in the deception that men can be women and women can be men. There is no bigger lie right now going around in society than the belief that men can be women and women can be men.”

Weird stance, but ok. Sadly, the drama didn’t end there because Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis apparently got wind of this argument and decided to add her two cents in, on Twitter obviously.

Which meant Lahren then needed to fire back.

And that’s where things stand — three women, all of whom support ideals of religious intolerance and oppression but, for some reason, can’t agree on which minority group truly deserves their hatred. Look, normally we hate to see people feuding on Twitter but if social media ends up helping to topple the GOP from the inside, well then, we can forgive Jack Dorsey for trying to make Fleets happen.