A Criminal Mastermind Capitol Rioter Is Facing Federal Charges Because His Buddy Said His Real Name On An InfoWars Call-In Show

While most of the Capitol rioters have been snatched up thanks to posting their exploits on social media, being ratted out by family members, and/or wearing easily identifiable outfits like a “Chewbacca bikini,” this latest arrest is definitely a new one. Edward Badalian of North Hills, California was slapped with a litany of federal charges earlier this month thanks to one of his friends using his real name while calling into an episode of InfoWars.

The unnamed friend is believed to be the third associate of Badalian and Danny Rodriguez, who was also picked up this month for storming the Capitol on January 6. The trio is accused of entering the Capitol building through a broken window and assaulting officers. Badalian and the redacted associate then called into InfoWars and bragged about their exploits, which was not the smartest idea. Via The Orange County Register:

Several days later, according to the indictment, Badalian appeared on an Infowars podcast using the pseudonym “Turbo” in order to talk about video footage that allegedly showed him fighting someone he claimed had been an “Antifa” member pretending to be a Trump supporter. Later in that same podcast, another person discussing the same video footage referred to him as “Ed” instead of “Turbo,” according to the indictment.

According to prosecutors, Badalian and Rodriguez went over to the third person’s house after the podcast and “warned” him about using real names when talking about the riot. They also instructed him to delete any photos and videos from the attack. Clearly, it was too late for that as all three are now facing federal charges.

(Via The Orange County Register)