Hey, Carrot Top Took Those ‘Affluenza’ Mom Comparisons Surprisingly Well

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On Thursday, the internet lost its ever loving mind over the striking resemblance between “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch‘s mom, Tonya, and Carrot Top. The jokes and comparisons seemed to know no end, and folks wondered why ol’ Carrot got himself arrested after a nice Puerto Vallarta vacation. Indeed, Tonya looked so much like the prop-based comedian that people started rambling about a glitch in the matrix. A variety of confused and amused responses to the newfound twins quickly surfaced on Twitter, but Carrot Top did not speak.

Where was the curly-mopped comedian? He could have slept his way through the meme, or perhaps he was pumping iron in his endless quest to resemble The Rock. (To be fair, this is everyone’s New Year’s resolution.) Actually, Carrot Top was hanging at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas on New Year’s Eve. He still had to be surprised to see himself as a trending Twitter topic. This doesn’t happen every day (or year), and the last notable moment for the comedian was his cameo in Daniel Tosh’s musical trolling of Selena Gomez. What would Carrot Top say about his eerie twin?

Well, the man legally named Scott Thompson finally rolled in with an official response. He seemed to take the comparisons well.