Catherine Zeta-Jones Bites Back At Some Nosy Photographers With A Set Of Bikini Shots Of Her Own

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If you’re a member of the paparazzi taking photos of celebrities on the beach while they’re not watching, you might want to rethink your strategy. Catherine Zeta-Jones noticed that some shots of her and Michael Douglas from a beach in Mexico made their way online and they weren’t very flattering. So to strike back, Zeta-Jones decided to post some approved photos to Instagram alongside a defiant message to all those tabloid photographers.

Michael Douglas was the man behind the camera, showing off a more flattering view of the 47-year-old that highlighted the couple’s Thanksgiving holiday. The couple also shared a touching photo from Thanksgiving day, giving us a look at 99-year-old Kirk Douglas before his birthday at the start of next month. You have to give take your hat off for him at this point, the guy just keeps on going.

Zeta-Jones is certainly not the first to strike back at the paparazzi, joining quite the variety of celebrities over the years. We’ve seen the violence of the Alex Baldwin and Sean Penn, but these days seems to feature celebrities being a little more creative with photographers. Kanye West has proven that. Then again, Tina Fey shows that you can get by with just a few choice words to put an end to some of the harassment.

(Via BBC / Catherine Zeta-Jones)