Amy Poehler And Aubrey Plaza Pretended To Make Out To Mess With The Paparazzi

Now that her tropical fish Rashida Jones has left her, for a Fox pilot that we will almost certainly give the coveted Person We Like Stars In This So You Should Watch it award to, Amy Poehler has been looking for companionship elsewhere, like with Aubrey Plaza. The Parks and Recreation stars messed with the L.A. paparazzi, who know the show by Parks and Cocaine Lines, while filming on Friday by pretending to passionately kiss.

Dressed in a figure hugging black and green optical illusion dress with black heels, Amy spotted the photographers before grabbing Aubrey.

Decked-out in a purple hoodie with black mini dress and flats, Plaza immediately went along with the joke as she held onto Amy laughing hysterically as the pair played it up a storm.

The two then disappeared into their trailer after greeting another female friend en route. (Via)

Actually, it was Orin, but that’s an easy mistake to make. After the jump, GIFs of the kiss, because of course.

This show can’t be back soon enough.

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