DC Listens To Internet Criticism, Fixes ‘Catwoman’ Zero Cover

Remember when the internet fittingly lambasted the ridiculous Catwoman zero cover? Then the artist, Guillem March, even poked fun at his work with an R. Crumb style parody? DC Comics took the hint and replaced the cover with a less anatomically-challenged version of Catwoman (also drawn by Guillem March). The new, superior version is on the right in the picture above, in case the whole not-being-a-piece-of-crap part didn’t make it clear.

A reader tipped me that the cover to the issue had been changed. And indeed it has and the changes are noticeable:
– She’s zipped up
– Her butt is in proportion to the rest of her body
– You can now see both her legs
– And her face has been changed [DCWKA]

Also, she appears to now have a torso that isn’t 100% boobs and her body weight is no longer 40% butt and 30% thighs (and 0% calves). So that’s progress.