MAGA Twerp Charlie Kirk Is Calling Donald Trump ‘White Obama’ For Some Strange Reason

People who like Donald Trump say the damndest things about him. To them, he’s not a potential criminal with autocratic tendencies who may cheat at golf. Instead he’s a tough, ripped soldier, not a draft-dodger who eats way too much McDonald’s. Leave it to young MAGA twerp Charlie Kirk, then, to find what is certainly an original take on the big guy.

Per Raw Story, the sometimes bedheaded far right pundit spoke favorably, sort of, about Trump’s predecessor while broadcasting from a pastor’s summit. One thing Kirk admired, however begrudgingly, about Barack Obama is that he was able to rally a flailing party together and become a kind of folk hero.

“The Obama movement was larger than life,” Kirk said. “They rode this idea of candidate enthusiasm and this idea of hope and change and all of that. But you live by the sword, you die by the sword.”

Obama was even re-elected, by crushing eventually outgoing GOP senator Mitt Romney. But after that happened, according to Kirk, “Republican voters said, our turn.” What did they want, per Kirk? “We want a white Obama.”

Eventually, Kirk argued, they found this “white Obama.” It wasn’t Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. Kirk said, “And who was the only person that could potentially play the charismatic game as talented as Barack Obama? Donald Trump.”

Would Trump appreciate being compared to the guy he tried to smear with his racist birther campaign? Probably not! But he has bigger fish to fry these days.

(Via Raw Story)