Trump Bragged To A McDonald’s Employee That He Knows The Menu ‘Better Than You Do,’ And He’s Probably Right

Donald Trump is not subtle about what he loves. He loves being president (especially if it keeps him out of jail). He loves rage-posting on social media (though he clearly misses Twitter). He loves Diet Coke. And he loves eating McDonald’s. So when he was in East Palestine, Ohio, making a cravenly appearance after a cataclysm his administration helped foment, he made sure to swing by a McD’s after.

Honestly, what Trump was doing was pretty nice: He was there to buy meals for the police and fire department. (If he really wanted to really treat them to a fine fast food meal, he would have hit up Popeyes, but we digress.) After complimenting some “beautiful-looking” people in the establishment, he started charming the cashier, albeit with a dicey admission.

“So, I know this menu better than you do,” Trump said. “I probably know it better than anybody in here.”

It’s a strange thing to brag about, not only because McDonald’s really isn’t good for you, but also because it’s not like their menu is obscure or even that large.

Still, the big guy loves McDonald’s. When the Clemson Tigers won the college football championship in 2019, he invited them to the White House, and instead of feeding them top shelf White House food, he treated them to a spread of McDonald’s. When he was in the hospital recovering from COVID-19, he made them give him — that’s right — McDonald’s.

And what does Trump order when he goes to the fast good giant? As per Jared Kushner, it’s a “Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish, fries and a vanilla shake.” That’s a lot! But at least he gets some fish in there, which is healthy. Ish.

(Via Mediaite)