Trump Superfan Charlie Kirk Is Being Mocked For Recording An Anti-Lefty Video While Looking Like Crap

Young Trump superfan Charlie Kirk is not a household name like Jacob Wohl. He rarely goes viral whenever he says something moronic, like Ben Shapiro. But the founder of the far right scholastic whistleblower Turning Point USA is still well-known enough that when he steps on it, people on social media delight in his misfortune. On Tuesday, Kirk did a live-stream video in which he railed against lefties for allegedly not liking Thanksgiving (or something). And not only did he say idiotic things, but he did so while looking like total crap.

His hair unkempt, his face unshaven and unwashed, his sweater hanging too loosely around his too visible neck, his demeanor very “divorced dad after a late night Wild Turkey session,” Kirk railed on liberals for not being more traditionally conservative. “The left has always hated Thanksgiving,” he began, and you don’t need to listen much further. Kirk is apparently mad that many are suggesting refraining from large — or even small — gatherings during the holiday, not because of a wildly out-of-control pandemic that is now worse than it’s ever been, but because they just hate America, or whatever.

Luckily, very few people listened to Kirk’s words. They couldn’t get past how pathetic he looked. Instead of pointlessly debating him on his weak arguments, people chose a more productive path: They mocked how sad and gross he looked, even with full knowledge that a camera was on.

Some compared Kirk to other, much more (in)famous young conservatives.

And some did — god bless them — take umbrage with the content of his speech.

As of this writing, Thanksgiving is just over a week away, and cases are skyrocketing all over — thanks in part to an outgoing president who not only has done little to stop it, but also held lots of rallies all over parts of the nation that are now seeing record cases and deaths. It’s not worth engaging people like Kirk, who hatch conspiracy theories rather than deal with facts that may make them and those they worship look bad. But it is worth reading up on safety protocols so you don’t recklessly endanger those you love, to make sure there’s actually another Thanksgiving next year.