How One Man’s Accidental Revenge On A Cheater Illuminates The Virtue Of Patience

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Many (or dare I say most) people will either cheat or be cheated on during the course of their romantic existence. Revenge doesn’t ease the heartache and rejection, but it does cause a wee jolt of pleasure in the cheatee. One can choose to either go straightforward with their method of payback, or they can hold back and twist the knife in the best way, which is akin to letting the cheater dig their own hole.

That latter method was the one employed by user YouCanHaveHer over at Reddit. The guy tells a long-winded tale about his formerly happy marriage. He and his ex rarely argued, but she grew close to a co-worker. In fact, those two grew “too close.” They texted all the time, and the husband snooped, only to realize the two cheaters were in lurve.

The husband was understandably upset, but he simply wanted out. He told his wife what he knew, so she confessed to banging her co-worker. They divorced quickly without argument, and the wife moved in with her cheating accomplice. The husband wanted revenge, but didn’t want to “kick the sh*t” out of the guy and go to jail. He also had patience, and with time, he truly got the best revenge:

A couple of months after the divorce I moved to the west coast. I had no communication with my ex from then until a month ago. She messaged me on Facebook and told me she was sorry for how she treated me and that she’s miserable and misses me. I decided to look through her profile. She’s married to Dan, has 3 kids with him and they’re both horrendously fat. Apparently soon after they moved in together she became pregnant with his kid. She had to quit her job because of the pregnancy and since then hasn’t had a job. They got married while she was still pregnant and had 2 more kids. They’re living off food stamps and government aid too.

At that point I felt vindicated. I wanted to get revenge on her and Dan for so long. To see they f*cked up their own lives so bad was good enough.

This revenge may not have been planned by the dumped husband, but it must gave felt delicious to realize how the “happy” couple turned out to have a miserable joint life. Whereas the husband got exactly what he wanted, and he did so — awesomely — by doing absolutely nothing.

(Via Reddit)