Frito-Lay Is Giving Away $150,000 For Cheetos Accidentally Shaped Like Other Things, Because Art?

Found Jesus in your Cheetos? No, not that Cheeto Jesus. If you did you could have a paycheck coming your way, thanks to a new online contest from Frito-Lay. People have long been finding shapes in their Cheetos, and now these orange-powdered discoveries are finally being appreciated as the goddamn art that they are.

From May 31 through Aug. 15, fans of the cheesy snack can upload photos of their Cheetos art to the Cheetos Museum website, which is looking for the “next Mona Lisa of Cheetos shapes” that will eventually be curated into an online museum. The museum will choose 10 weekly winners who will be awarded $10,000 each for their findings, and eventually a grand prize winner will take home an additional $50,000 — for $150,00 total in prize money.

For finding shapes in a cheese snack. We don’t need to make America great again; we’ve still got it.

Jeannie Cho, vice president of marketing for Frito-Lay, said in a press release:

“Cheetos are like clouds – each has a unique shape that comes to life with your imagination. Since their inception, Cheetos snacks have captivated consumers with their whimsical shapes and uncanny resemblances to landmarks, animals, objects and even deities. We have seen people share, tell stories, and even sell them online— now we have an official Cheetos Museum to celebrate the creativity out there, and we want to fill it with your imagination!”

Users have already submitted everything from angels and bears to, uh, snakes and “caveman torches” (some Cheetos art is more obvious than others). You can visit Cheetos Museum to submit your own pieces.

(Via UPI)