Everyone Has Opinions About Chelsea Peretti’s Unique Method For Eating Cake (But Not The Frosting)

Between Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Big Mouth and her Netflix comedy special, Chelsea Peretti is one of the funniest and most successful women working in entertainment today. She’s also, as her Instagram followers found out on Saturday, an eater of cake… sans frosting. As she explained rather simply in the post, “this is how [I] eat cake.” Of course, there’s nothing wrong with not eating the frosting on a cake, or any other sweet dessert for that matter, but that didn’t stop Twitter from latching onto Peretti’s preference and launching it into the viral stratosphere.

The comedian took notice of her newfound viral fame on Sunday, posting a screenshot of the Twitter moment highlighting it and adding the question, “is this a fever dream”?

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is this a fever dream

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To be fair to her detractors, the visual Peretti presented is quite alarming, as she has essentially hollowed out a chocolate cake while leaving its three layers of frosting behind. So yeah, to most people her plate probably makes it look like there’s a lot of desserts left. Then again, if you agree with the comic and believe that cake frosting is the worst part of all cakes, then leaving behind a graveyard of untouched toppings isn’t all that big of a deal:

Except, of course, for when it is:

Despite the hilarious wave of “hate” she endured, Peretti stood by her life choice. In fact, she jokingly declared that such reactions were “welcome”: