Chris Christie Says Noted Media-Hater Trump Bragged About Leaking Juicy Stories To The Media Himself

Chris Christie disappeared from the spotlight for awhile, and he’s back, suddenly and everywhere, to promote his upcoming book, Republican Rescue. Already this week, he detailed how their massively petty feud escalated after Christie contracted COVID while on the debate trail to coach Trump. The ex-president even heartlessly wondered whether Christie would publicly blame him for catching the virus, but Christie has pointedly mentioned the “real difference” between Donald and Melania because she called Christie every day while he was in the hospital. Well, Christie took his tour to The Daily Show, where he sat down for a thoughtful interview with Trevor Noah, but his Trump stories did not grow any less outrageous.

After the 8:00 minute mark above, Christie details his toxic relationship with Trump. There’s been no secret about how it’s very on-and-off in nature. Yet Christie revealed here how he turned down Trump’s offered White House chief of staff job because he’d have “probably gotten fired” since Trump doesn’t like to hear what Christie really thinks of any given situation. And then Christie remarked about how only a few people knew about the job offer (Trump, Christie, and Melania), yet Axios miraculously ran a story while Christie slept on it. Yup, Trump leaked it:

“I told him that I had to go home and talk to my wife about it, and then I’d get back to him the next morning. On the Acela Train on the way up, it’s leaked that I’m gonna be the next chief of staff in Axios… I said, like, ‘How did this get out?’… the next day when I called him to tell him I turned it down, he said to me, ‘How did you like that story in Axios?’ And I said, ‘Who leaked it, Mr. President?’ And he said, ‘I did… I called the reporter.'”

That’s not terribly surprising at all, but it’s nonetheless entertaining to see Trevor Noah’s reaction after the 9:20 mark.

Christie isn’t done with his nonstop tour yet. He also grew contentious with CNN’s Dana Bash after she used the term “cop-out” because he won’t swear off supporting a Trump 2024 run. You can see that clip at Mediaite.