‘Go Sell Trump Tower’: Chris Christie Isn’t Fooled By ‘Billionaire’ Trump And His Constant Grifting For MAGA Dollars

The third time might be a charm for those who have paid attention to Trump’s indictments while hoping for a mugshot. The most recent ex-president is due to be arraigned yet again at 4:00 pm EST. If you can’t keep up with all the indictment developments, you are not alone, but Trump will be back in D.C. to answer against charges related to the January 6 insurrection.

Then there’s a Trump controversy that has always taken a backseat, and that would be Trump’s claimed status as a “billionaire” while finding endless ways to not pay income tax or seemingly anyone that he hires for goods or services. He tried to pay with a horse once, and he’s been absolutely milking PAC dollars for everything, including to Melania’s stylist.

Chris Christie’s had enough. He’s now calling upon Trump to actually start spending his own “billionaire” dollars to fix his plane and pay for stylists and lawyers. The former New Jersey governor headed to Newsman and shamed Trump for “spend[ing] $40 million of middle class donors’ money on legal fees, $250K refurbishing your plane, $108K on a stylist for your wife.” Then he added, “Spend your own money .. if you’re running short of it, go sell Trump Tower.”

Yup, that will never happen. And that makes me continue to wonder whether Trump even wants to be president again or simply needs those campaign dollars to keep himself financially afloat. Well, that, and he wants to do his stand-up comedian act at rallies. Yet he thinks that he’s far above facing off with fellow candidates at primary debates. Sad!