Chris Cuomo Simply Didn’t Mention His Brother Andrew’s Troubles At All On His CNN Show

On Tuesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James released the findings of her investigation into the state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, concluding that he’d sexually harassed multiple employees, in turn creating a hostile work environment. It was a damning, horrifying report, and it opened many questions. Will Cuomo resign? Will he instead be impeached? Who came up with that bizarre montage he released of him hugging and kissing people? And how will his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, cover it on his nightly show?

The answer was simple, perhaps even predictable: He wouldn’t. Cuomo’s show began and ended with nary a mention of the hot water engulfing his brother and, to a lesser extent, himself. (More on that in a sec.) Instead, he focused on COVID, on the surging cases in Florida under the watch of another controversial governor, Ron DeSantis, and, of course, on Trump.

Chris has long been forbidden from covering his brother, over the obvious conflict of interest. (Though he’s had him on his show on multiple occasions, often for comic effect.) But it still seemed like a sizable elephant in the room was being ignored.

Besides, the news also affected him. Chris was cited in James’ report, over news that had already been made public: that he had advised his brother on how to handle the accusations that may now destroy his career. Specifically, after an executive assistant made an allegation, he had reportedly “counseled him to express contrition.” He may have also helped craft a statement from late February responding to that accusation.

CNN has stated in the past that they won’t make any decisions regarding Chris’ employment until after the investigation’s report had been released.

(Via THR)