Chris Evans Really Wants You To Go On A Date With His Brother

Chris Evans, star of the silver screen, has an urgent request for anyone single and lonely out there: please go out with his brother. Okay, so maybe it’s not that desperate, but you really can go out with his brother if you’ve got the $$$ to bid on a movie date with him. It’s all part of a fundraiser for a webseries Scott Evans is in and the bids…they’re now at over a thousand bucks. And Chris Evans couldn’t be happier to be helping:

According to a press release for Go-Go Boy Interrupted — a gay interest series which was very well-reviewed in its first season — Evans has been happily tweeting at his millions of fans to bid on a movie date with his brother, which will include both a movie (to be decided) and dinner. Travel and other expenses are not included, but as one person I talked to said, “Yeah, but you get a pretty cool story.” And, let’s be real here: how many people do you think will bid on this date just in the vain hope that Chris Evans will make a surprise visit? Or to ask five million questions about him? Or to try to pass along their screenplay?

Here’s what the auction website (set up just so that fans can bid on the date and/or an unrelated massage by a probably very cool, but less connected dude) says:

Go on an EXTENDED DATE with our own cast member Scott Evans! Enjoy dinner and a movie with this charming and hilarious gentleman. Also includes the GO-GO BOY INTERRUPTED FAN PACK (Description below) and VIP invitation to the season premiere party with the entire cast. Fan pack includes: DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of Season 2, hilarious BLOOPERS, BEHIND THE SCENES covering our journey every day on set. CAST INTERVIEWS and DIRECTOR & PRODUCERS COMMENTARY on each episode and SEXY BEHIND THE SCENES with all the GO-GO BOYS. Date will be scheduled for late October/early November. Winner must be in/or willing to travel to the Los Angeles, CA area for the date. Premier will also be in in the Los Angeles, CA area. Travel and accommodations are not included.

Most people will probably just be in it for the date, though, which is cool. But you know what’s cooler? That Chris Evans is so supportive of his brother’s hopes and dreams. That’s some Hallmark Channel-level family togetherness right there. Just like that time Chris and Scott tore up a rock-and-roll classic in backwards trucker hats.

You can bid on a date here or check out the Kickstarter for Go-Go Boy Interrupted, which is pretty funny (source: seen all of it), and which is probably about to get some of my hard-earned internet cash (but only enough for an autographed photo).