Chris Meloni Is Not Quite Finished With Making Near-Naked Commercials (This Time, He’s Showing Off ‘Giant… Socks’)

It remains amazing that the whole Best-Worst Chris debate only seems to span the MCU when there are so many other Chrises in this world. And of course, Christopher Meloni has been enjoying his return to the Law and Order realm with Organized Crime because this has allowed him to dig into what he’s called a “second act” that includes being a “Zaddy.”

The last time we checked on Meloni was for a similar reason as today. The Wet Hot American Summer ensemble player had stepped back into NBC’s primetime center stage, and promoting that return yielded beefcake photoshoots and jokes such as the following: “I catch flies with my a** cheeks, like a Venus flytrap.”

Additionally, Meloni also appeared in a naked Peloton ad (as screencapped above), and he’s followed that hit up with a nearly-nude ad for Tommie Copper socks. Cue the blurred boxes and the 62-year-old Meloni damn near straddling a countertop while declaring: “I never take these babies off. It’s better than being naked. Why? Because naked only comes in one color.” Enjoy:

Well, he has a sense of humor, and he apparently comes by the nudity honestly. Meloni previously told PEOPLE that he basically sweats it out while naked at home: “I work out naked. It’s my gym… And I don’t black out the window.” No comebacks are possible for that one.