Christopher Meloni Got An Incredible Father’s Day Gift Based On A Tweet

Christopher Meloni knows he’s gone viral on many occasions, and apparently his family has learned to embrace it. For example, the Law and Order has shown himself to be a good sport even when large portions of social media appear to be thirsting after his, uh, cake. So perhaps it’s no surprise that good nature extends to his daughter, who roasted him with a Father’s Day gift to remember, which Meloni subsequently shared on Instagram.

“Belated Fathers Day gift,” Meloni wrote, tagging his daughter, Sophia and adding #Bestgiftever. The gift? A framed printout of a tweet from New York Magazine TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz. Seitz responding to a prompt on Twitter about your best celebrity encounters in the real world. His story involved Meloni, who apparently had a tough brunch with his kids when they were younger.

Seitz’s tweet didn’t exactly go viral, but apparently it did get the attention of the Meloni family. And Seitz retweeted a screenshot of Meloni’s Instagram post on Sunday, so he’s definitely aware that he’s now a part of his family’s traditions. In conclusion, this has been another charming Christopher Meloni interaction with the internet. Add it to an already-impressive and towering pile.