Cindy McCain Admits That She ‘Secretly Admired’ Her Son For Throwing Meghan Through A Screen Door After He Got Sick Of Her BS

After Meghan McCain exited The View, it sure seemed like the daytime talk show was washing their hands of the whole situation as viewers expressed how much they enjoyed the show now that McCain was gone. So it was very odd to see Meghan’s mom, Cindy McCain, fill in as a guest host on Wednesday morning, and not only that, but she came armed with an unusual anecdote about her infamously outspoken daughter.

During a segment on being “secretly impressed” with something your kids even though it got them in trouble, Cindy recalled a time when her son Jack threw Meghan through a screen door. Yup. As the McCain matriarch told the story, she was careful to note that Jack had been taught that boys should be careful with girls “and all of that,” but during a summer camping trip, the “feisty and tenacious” Meghan kept picking at him. Eventually, Jack lost his cool and hurld his sister through a screen door. While quickly noting that nobody got hurt, Cindy did laugh while noting that Meghan never messed with her brother again.

Having put up with Meghan for four years, the co-hosts obviously got a laugh out of the wild anecdote, but at the same time, you can tell that Joy Behar was surprised that it was the story Cindy picked for an example of being “secretly impressed” with your kid’s bad behavior. Imagine your mom going on live TV and admitting she thought it was awesome when your brother launched you through a screen door. That should make things interesting at Thanksgiving.