The Real Reason Behind The World-Famous Oscar Statue Snorting Cocaine On Hollywood Boulevard

02.20.15 3 years ago 14 Comments

Street artist Plastic Jesus knows what Hollywood is paying attention to these days, and he’d like to divert their eyes to something else. Namely, drug addiction. That’s the inspiration behind his latest installment, this coke-snorting Oscar statue, down on all fours, inhaling thick lines of yayo on Hollywood Boulevard with a sign reading “Hollywood’s Best Party.” It’s a follow-up to a similar work from last year called “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret,” which featured the Oscar statue with a needle in his arm, a tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman and how addiction in Hollywood goes unnoticed until someone famous dies of an overdose.

Said Nick Stern, a photographer who works with Plastic Jesus:

“The piece is intended to draw attention to Hollywood’s hidden problem of drug addiction that effects hundreds of people in the showbiz industry and is largely ignored until the death of a high profile A list celebrity.”

Maybe Plastic Jesus has a point. Because it sucks that we keep losing people, no matter what list they might be on.

Via Plastic Jesus and the Hollywood Reporter

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