Colin Hanks Wished A Happy Father’s Day To Michael Keaton Over Instagram (Again)

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Colin Hanks has managed to eke out a strong and varied career more or less outside the shadow of his quite famous father, the actor and sometimes director Thomas Hanks. To show that he really doesn’t believe in nepotism, he occasionally likes to wish a happy Father’s Day not to his actual father but to Michael Keaton.

Hanks the Younger took to Instagram to pen a moving tribute to the man who brought him into this world, namely the star of One Good Cop and Pacific Heights.

“Happy Fathers Day, to all the dads out there but specifically to my dad,” Hanks wrote to an actor with whom he’s never shared a screen beyond their both being at the 2015 Golden Globes ceremony. “He’s a good man and always lead by example. Like that time he rallied the guys to try and make that 15,000 cars per month quota to impress the big wigs at Assan Motors. He lead by example and gave his all. Of course, they didn’t make the quota but it was the effort that counts! Way to go Dad!”

Accompanying Hanks’ text was a screengrab of Keaton in the 1986 comedy Gung Ho, about an American car plant taken over by a Japanese company, thus the references to one Assan Motors.

This isn’t Hanks’ first Keaton rodeo: According to Entertainment Weekly, last year he wished a happy holiday to his real dad but with an image from Mr. Mom. On Father’s Day 2016, he simply posted a still from the actor’s break-out movie, Night Shift. We’re glad the guy who played “Drunk Frat Dude” in Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny is committed to this bit.

(Via EW)