A Comedian Caused Chaos By Joking On Twitter That She Created ‘Emily In Paris’

You can’t believe everything you read online, but you can believe that Abby Govindan did not create Emily In Paris. The Netflix show that’s driven some people absolutely insane for one raison or another (sorry) sparked new controversy after it was nominated for Best Comedy over some other shows many felt were more deserving. Even a writer on the show, Deborah Copaken, was outraged that I May Destroy You got snubbed in favor of her own show.

But there was another controversy that came to a head amid the Golden Globes nominations when some outlets fell for a comedian’s Twitter bit about pretending to create Emily In Paris. For months now, Abby Govindan has joked on Twitter that she created Emily In Paris in various tweets. The stand-up comedian has more than 143,000 followers on Twitter, and most of them know she’s joking about the “creator of Emily In Paris” in her bio. But not everyone was in on the joke last week when a tweet she posted on February 3 really took off.

A few more tweets about the show got enough notice that some people reached out wondering if she really was the creator of a show about a 20-something white girl aimlessly stumbling her way to success in Paris without even really trying to speak French.

Some sites even aggregated the claims as real, stating that a “writer” of Emily In Paris helped create the show as a “prank.” Another added her tweets to a story about Copaken’s complaints about the I May Destroy You snub.

Govindan later doubled down on the critique at the heart of the bit, which is more about racism and representation in media than simply trying to steal credit for a Netflix show.

And say what you will about lying online about easily disputed facts, but the move did work: she got considerable attention for the bit and also was added to the “controversy” section of the show’s Wikipedia page.

According to her more recent tweets, Govindan has moved on to another project that’s been equally confusing for some on Twitter