Comics Of Note, May 14th

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It’s a good week for comics! We’ve got full reviews of books from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, IDW Publishing, Boom! Studios, and Archie under the jump.

Justice League United #1

Something of a misnomer, being as this picks up directly off the zero issue and in fact new readers probably won’t have any idea what’s going on without. It’s some solid team superheroics, albeit we’ve seen better out of Jeff Lemire, and the book’s certainly interesting. Just, hopefully, it picks up the pace a bit.

The United States Of Murder Inc. #1

What if the Mafia took over a chunk of the Eastern Seaboard? As in, they ran it completely? That’s where Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming start and… well, that’s as far as it goes. It’s an overly chatty book, as you might expect, and it takes a ridiculous twist towards the end, but it’s at least intriguing, so far.

Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #1

This start to Shang-Chi’s miniseries is sadly fairly generic, plotwise. Shang-Chi’s former lover is killed in London, and he goes on a personal mission to find out why. Still, it’s fun to see him in action, and it’s an enjoyable book, at least.

Tales From the Con #1

Essentially a string of light-hearted gag strips about the pleasures and perils of going to a comic book convention, either as a professional or as an attendee. Amusing, if slight, and worth a rueful laugh or two.

Weird Love #1

Probably the most bizarre book on the stands this week, this collection of utterly deranged romance comics is so weird you won’t believe it’s a reprint. And yet, it is, right down to the one page story of the MRA who thinks it’s the fault of women he’s a jackass. Not to everyone’s taste, but an amusing walk down a side alley of comics history.

Star Trek: New Visions #1

Have you ever said to yourself, “Man, Star Trek is great, but it’d be even more awesome if John Byrne wrote new stories and used old stills of the show to create fumetti out if it!”… well, nice of you to drop by, Mr. Byrne. For everyone else, it’s not bad, but boy, is it ever weird. Worth a look for fans as a curiosity.

Mars Attacks: First Born #1

Getting Sam Kieth to draw a Mars Attacks book is an inspired choice, and Kieth delivers. Honestly, this is Kieth’s book: Chris Ryall may be credited as co-writer, but the powerful emotional content and personal focus are Kieth’s trademarks. A well-done book in a franchise that can be hard to adapt, and highly recommended.

Bee And Puppycat #1

The story of a young girl and her magical cat, working temp jobs for a magical computer, is, well, it’s for kids. But it’s cute and pretty funny for a kid’s book, and if you’ve got a kid you need to give some comics to, this’ll be a superb choice.

Superman: Doomed

Want to pay five bucks to be reminded Doomsday is a character? Here ya go. I don’t mean to rag on this book, but the one-shot seems so utterly unnecessary and the changes to an already rather poor character so cheesy that it’s hard to feel very compelled by this.

Jack Kraken

This oddball one-shot from Tim Seeley features a squid-armed superhero working for a secret government agency fighting the forces of darkness, a job that often gets a little weird. OK, so it’s not hugely original, but it’s some fun comics, and has a pleasant ’90s throwback feel to it, although it stops just short of really developing Seeley’s obvious theme, so curiously articulated in the last story. Worth a look, especially as it’s a quick read.

Think Tank: Fun With PSTD

Terrible title, but a compelling book. As you might guess, this is a look at PTSD in soldiers, why it’s a problem, and why all the superscience in the world can’t fix it. Tonally, this book is a PSA and thus can be a bit jarring… but it’s for a good cause, and honestly it’s a cause worth advocating for.

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