Conservatives Banning Big Bird, Bert, And Ernie From CPAC Is Being Called The ‘Most Embarrassing’ Thing

The fallout from Big Bird tweeting about getting vaccinated — wait, there was fallout over something a fictional eight-foot bird wrote? What a time to be alive.

“I got the COVID-19 vaccine today! My wing is feeling a little sore, but it’ll give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy,” the Sesame Street character wrote, which set Ted Cruz into a tailspin. “Government propaganda… for your 5 year old!” he tweeted. A NewsMax host got so mad that he called the Muppets “felt communists” who “have tried to infect the minds of our youngest and most vulnerable children,” while Fox News’ Lisa Boothe accused Big Bird of “brainwashing children.” The SNL parody was inevitable — the conservative conference rejection, less so.

CPAC bills itself as the “largest and most influential gathering of conservatives in the world.” Next year’s event is in Orlando, Florida, but don’t expect to see Big Bird, Bert, or Ernie there. Then again: why would you ever expect to see Big Bird, Bert, or Ernie there? That’s a weird place for the Muppets to, like, chill. They belong on Sesame Street, or in Times Square. But that didn’t stop conference organizers from disinviting them.

Gee, I wonder why Bert and Ernie aren’t invited. The president of CPAC has other issues with Sesame Street, but it’s the “NOT INVITED” tweet that has people confused.