The Conservative Conference CPAC Disinvited A Speaker Over ‘Reprehensible Views,’ And People Wondered How They Didn’t Mean Trump

It’s a big week for the Republican party, as CPAC — aka the annual Conservative Political Action Conference — is set to begin on Thursday, running through the weekend. If you were wondering how they’d handle Donald J. Trump, the newly former president who has been accused of inciting a failed coup, it won’t be with kid gloves: Indeed, rather than cast him out of the party, they’ve handed him the keynote speech. But CPAC leaders have drawn the line somewhere: As per a mysterious tweet, they disinvited one unnamed person due to their “reprehensible views.” But the mystery only caused people to make plenty of jokes.

So who is this person who’s too evil for the GOP? The tweet didn’t specify, though according to the New York Post it’s Young Pharoah, a New York-based musician who has spread QAnon theories and misinformation about COVID-19. That, for CPAC, is all well and good, but he’s also said Judaism is a “complete lie” and “made up for political gain,” which was too rich for their blood.

But it was the wording of the tweet, and the decision to keep the identity of the disinvited speaker a secret, that sent social media aflame with jokey speculation. Some wondered if it was You Know Who.

No, seriously, how is it not Donald Trump?

Or it could have applied to the many others who helped foment the deadly storming of the Capitol.

Maybe it’s accused murderer Kyle Rittenhouse (who’s not speaking at CPAC).

Or Trump minion and alleged participant in a noted sex abuse scandal Jim Jordan.

Although many found a conservative with “reprehensible views” to be awfully hard to pin down.

Someone wondered why CPAC would stop with just one.

Others questioned the extent of their sincerity.

And some reminded them that canceling speakers goes against this year’s theme, which is in fact “America Uncanceled.”