‘The Daily Show’ Has A Comeback For MAGAs Who Believe That Trump Could Fix Everything In Afghanistan

Despite the fact that a lot of the chaos that initially erupted in Afghanistan can be traced back to Donald Trump’s now-disastrous deal with the Taliban, that hasn’t stopped his die-hard supporters from arguing that the former president would’ve handled the situation better. We’re talking about a guy who bungled the COVID vaccine rollout, which is way less complicated than withdrawing troops after a 20-year occupation.

Well, The Daily Show caught wind of the MAGA crowd’s latest assertion, and they fired a back with one hell of a January 6-themed comeback: “Donald Trump would have secured Kabul airport” — My dude he didn’t even secure the Capitol Building when his Vice President was in there.”

While the situation in Afghanistan rapidly deteriorated after the Taliban seized power in under 24 hours (which Trump actually praised them for) despite most predictions having them regain power within a month, early media reports zeroed in on how badly the evacuation was going. While scenes of chaos were being reported, the Biden Administration was also evacuating people out in massive numbers. Was the withdrawal handled perfectly? No, of course not. But there was never going to be a “good way” to leave the country.

Still, Trump supporters (including Ted Cruz, who made remarks about how “America doesn’t leave Americans behind”) found fuel in blaming Biden for everything that goes wrong including. But like Trump just now, Cruz got roasted as his actions from earlier in the year came back to bite him in the butt. Namely, jetting off to Cancun while leaving behind his constituents who were literally freezing to death after a freak winter storm in Texas.

(Via The Daily Show on Twitter)