A Resurfaced Dakota Johnson Interview is Making People Wonder Whether She Quietly Came Out As Bisexual

Back in 2017, Dakota Johnson spoke with Vogue magazine to promote Fifty Shades Darker, and she made a few remarks that people are now noticing afresh. When I say “people,” I mean the Internet, and more specifically, Twitter users. The passage in question revolves around the actress’ remarks in reference to her breakup with Drowners singer/model Matthew Hitt. Yes, Dakota mentions the word “bisexuality,” though it’s not clear if she’s being hyperbolic because prior to mentioning that choice noun, she asks, “Can we make things really juicy?”

Here’s what the Bad Times At The El Royale and Suspiria actress said in full while stating that she was single following the breakup:

“Sh*t happens. I think I’m a little bit heartbroken all the time, even when I’m in a happy relationship. I don’t do casual very well, and my feelings, even the good ones, get so intense that they hurt … Can we make things really juicy? Can we say that I’m taking this time to explore my bisexuality? Or that I have given myself to the Lord following the release of my sexually explicit trifecta of films?”

Does it sound like Dakota’s actually suggesting that she’s bisexual or simply making a point that there’s always too much speculation about actors’ love lives? The “given myself to the Lord” following the 50 Shades movies makes it seem like she’s possibly joking around. The same could be said about “taking this time to explore my bisexuality.” However, people want to believe that she’s being serious about that sentence (rather than the religious part), and here’s a sampling of the many celebratory tweets to that effect. For the record, Dakota has not commented on the resurfaced quotes, but people do love her kitchen.

(Via Vogue)