Dan Crenshaw Is Being Mocked For A Ridiculous Action Movie-Style Campaign Video For The Georgia Runoff

Last week it seemed like one of the Republican party’s newest stars, Navy SEAL-turned-Texas representative Dan Crenshaw, might be the latest to be taken down. Newsweek reported that he was involved in an “orchestrated campaign” to disparage a female veteran who had alleged sexual assault at a V.A. facility. It’s damning news, if true, but Crenshaw isn’t simply pretending like it’s not a big deal. Mere days after the report, he dropped a new campaign video where he pretends he’s a big time action movie star.

Crenshaw — who lords over a cartoonishly gerrymandered district and who rose to fame after being made fun of by Pete Davidson — wasn’t campaigning for himself. He was campaigning for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, the two Republican incumbents battling to retain their Senate seats, which, if both are lost, would flip the legislative body blue. Crenshaw has done easily mocked action movie-style campaign videos before, including one where his missing eye has superpowers. This one, however, earned him even more scorn.

The video begins with Crenshaw being summoned away in the middle of an acceptance speech, informed by government agents that his help is needed. He strips out of his suit, revealing some warrior attire. He then gets in a plane, leaps out of it à la Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible — Fallout, and lands heroically on a vehicle peopled by antifa, who, by the way, are not an organization, no matter how many times Republicans say they are.

The low production values, the unconvincing attempts to turn Crenshaw into a cross between Ethan Hunt and Thor, the silly portrait of anitfa, the arrival mere days after heinous allegations — all conspired to make him a figure of fun over social media.

Some compared it to Threat Level Midnight, the hilarious spy fantasy written by The Office’s Michael Scott.

Some found it the year’s weirdest campaign video.

Others pointed out some plot holes.

Many mocked Crenshaw’s action star aspirations.

And some called him out for what he really is.

Of course, Perdue and Loeffler could really use the help. He was so scared of his opponent that he skipped out on their last debate, while she robotically repeated buzzterms like “radical leftist” during hers. Then again, if Crenshaw really did help smear a woman reporting sexual assault, maybe ludicrous campaign videos are the only places left where he can be the good guy.