Dan Crenshaw Bafflingly Insists That AR-15s Aren’t Really ‘Weapons Of War’ Right Before Admitting That The US Military Actually Does Use Them

Since the tragic gun massacre in Uvalde, Texas, which took the lives of 19 children and two adults, Republicans have been making the rounds to offer solutions. Do they support measures that would make assault rifles more difficult to obtain? No. Instead, they’ve floated practically every other solution except that, some blaming doors, not guns. And then there’s Lauren Boebert.

On Sunday, Dan Crenshaw, who’s tried to paint himself as a more sensible — or at least non-MAGA — Republican, offered his help. The Texas lawmaker went on CNN, where Dana Bash tried to glean what provisions he supports. The answer: not many. He didn’t approve of background checks, nor regulating gun shows, nor raising the gun purchase age to 21. He didn’t even like red flag laws, which would strip firearms from those deemed dangerous. What’s more, he poo-poohed the idea of a correlation between gun ownership and gun violence.

Crenshaw even rejected the depiction of AR-15-style weapons, which the Uvalde shooter legally obtained and used.

“I don’t really classify these as weapons of war,” Crenshaw averred — only to contradict himself with the very next thing he said. “We used them, but they’re more our self-defense weapons. I would say that if a SEAL team or an infantry unit goes on offense, they’re using much, much bigger weapons that are not available to your common civilian.”

Crenshaw also added that the military uses M4 carbine rifles, which he admitted “are an AR-15-style weapon,” used “mostly for self-defense and for very close quarters type of combat.” He added that “they have capabilities that your civilian rifles do not.”

So there you have it. Crenshaw doesn’t support restricting civilian access to guns even he admits are used by the military. Even if there are deadlier weapons than the AR-15, even the inventor of that gun, his family said, did not approve of it in civilian hands.

Then there’s the fact that marines have to do annual training, lasting two weeks, to prove they’re competent enough to handle such dangerous weapons, as this former rifle and pistol coach in the marine corps once pointed out while arguing that civilians can obtain deadly weapons easier than the military:

Maybe instead of doing something to help civilians from gun violence, Crenshaw can record another amped-up video of him beating up libs as though he was Tom Cruise. After all, they are about the same height.

(Via CNN)