GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw Got Heckled By A Furious MAGA Crowd Because He Told Them The Election Wasn’t Stolen

Despite signing onto a lawsuit that attempted to invalidate votes in swing states to tip the 2020 presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor, Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX_ has been one of the few Republicans who want to “move on” from Trump’s Big Lie. However, the problem with Crenshaw’s approach is he wants to pretend the whole thing never happened without confronting why the Republican Party was so easily “weaponized” by Trump, and he found out the hard way that the GOP isn’t ready to hear the truth.

During a recent fundraising event, Crenshaw was captured on video getting heckled (via The Recount) by Republican Senate candidate Bobby Piton after Crenshaw refused to say the 2020 election was stolen. The two men started arguing back and forth as Crenshaw refused to back down and roasted Piton’s attempt to bring up the Arizona audit. “How’d that turn out?” Crenshaw fired back before attempting to shut the conversation down because he didn’t want to “argue” with Piton, who kept yelling, “You’re wrong!”

“Five different states? Hundreds of thousands of votes? You’re kidding yourself,” Crenshaw said before Piton seemingly stopped the recording.

While it’s good that Crenshaw is pushing back against Trump’s Big Lie, the former president is a monster of the Republican Party’s own creation, so people on Twitter weren’t exactly sympathetic when it came to watching Crenshaw get turned on by the MAGA crowd. Because as much as Crenshaw might want to “move on” from the 2020 election, the GOP sure doesn’t and his hands aren’t clean either when it comes to hitching the party to Trump.