Danny Pudi Had An Amazing ‘DuckTales’-Themed Response To Larry King In An Old Interview That Went Viral

First the bad news: The reboot of DuckTales was cancelled at the start of December. But its legacy lives on, not only in its-much loved episodes but also in an old interview with one of its voice stars, Danny Pudi, that went viral on Tuesday. Back in February, in much happier times, the Community alum appeared on Larry King Now, the longtime CNN host’s current chat show. But it took almost a year for one of its best bits to enrapture social media.

It started when a TikTok user posted a video, which began with the prompt, “What is your favorite celebrity interview moment?” It’s hard to nail one down, especially if you’re an avid watcher of old Johnny Carson episodes on Pluto.

But “@opposumfanpage” had a good one. In the brief clip, Pudi, who voiced Huey on the DuckTales revival, is grilled by King about which luxury he “can’t live without.” Pudi’s answers were too modest for King’s tastes: He likes “really good coffee.” And socks — comfortable socks, he’s right, are great. But King wasn’t having it, demanding he go far more upscale than that. Even more flummoxed than his host, Pudi asked for an example. King mentioned private planes. Pudi furrowed his brow, and responded with an instant classic retort: “Larry, I’m on DuckTales.”

Or maybe it wasn’t exactly an “instant classic.” Again, this interview aired so long ago the pandemic hadn’t really hit the United States in earnest. But sometimes it takes a while for great things to earn the appreciation they deserve. And so, a week-and-a-half before one of the most consistently and creatively crappy years in recorded history, Pudi’s response belatedly took off.

And so a catchphrase — on the level of “Sir, this is an Arby’s/Wendy’s” — was born.

And so were memes.

And tattoos.

Some compared it to other catchphrases.

And some wondered if this line from a nearly year-old interview is the thing that gets the new DuckTales un-cancelled.

At the same time, you know who deserves to be private plane-rich, certainly more than the greedy billionaires who’ve been raking in the dough during the pandemic while untold lives have been destroyed?