David E. Kelley Still Thinks The Wonder Woman TV Show Might Happen

01.17.11 8 years ago 2 Comments

Remember that Wonder Woman TV show that David E. Kelley was pitching around to all the networks? The one that every single network turned down…including the CW, which is part of Time Warner, who actually owns Wonder Woman? Well, Kelley is still thinking it’ll happen in 2012.

He told the Hollywood Reporter that he’s optimistic that the show will be on the air next year, and that he’ll be bringing the pitch back to NBC, where it was reportedly shot down because of “executive reshuffling.” He also said that there’s “a possibility” it might end up on cable.

So, just because every network Kelley showed it to (which was all of them) passed on it, he thinks there’s a slim chance they may not like it and he’d have to go to cable channels? Where’d he get that idea?

[Hollywood Reporter]

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