A Deadly Tornado Left ‘Catastrophic’ Damage In Dayton, Ohio And Surrounding Communities

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Dayton, Ohio, and surrounding areas were hit by a massive tornado overnight into Tuesday that left a path of widespread destruction and at least one dead in the aftermath. The storm damage was described by Montgomery County Sheriff Rob Streck as being “the worst he has seen in his career.” Many houses were left with severe damaged and some structures were wiped out altogether, with trees were ripped out by the roots and stern among the damage.

Residents are being asked to conserve water due to power being lost at both water plants and pump stations, and it may be a week or more before electricity is completely restored to the area. The Montgomery County Twitter account released a statement advising residents about ongoing emergency efforts.

“A large, dangerous tornado touched down last night in northwest Montgomery County, we are focused on supporting life saving measures, such as shutting down gas lines or locating people who are trapped by debris,” read the statement. “Call 911 or contact your local fire station for emergency assistance.”

WYMT Executive Producer Brandon Robinson likewise tweeted about the “catastrophic” damage, and that emergency personnel were “scrambling to mobilize” those trapped in the debris.

Photos and video footage of the wreckage began circulating on social media to give an idea of just how badly the community has been affected.

The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center recorded 60 tornado reports across eight states in a 24-hour period alone. The severe weather is now expected to hit the Mid-Atlantic Tuesday going into Wednesday.