Why A Dead Body Turned Up On The 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Set

As we all know, because that “Joss Whedon apologizing” video is inescapable, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron is currently shooting in South Korea. And you may have heard that a dead body just turned up on the set. Here’s what’s happening, and why.

So Joss Whedon pulled a John Landis?

Actually, the death has nothing to do with the movie. It’s just a really sad coincidence due to a poor choice of filming location.

What, South Korea?

No, the bridge they’re shooting on. This needs a little context. The movie is currently shooting in Seoul, among other locations, and one of the shoots is on Seoul’s Mapo Bridge.

So? It’s a bridge.

South Korea has one of the worst suicide rates in the developed world, and the Mapo Bridge is an unfortunately popular place to attempt to kill yourself. So popular, in fact, that an attempt to redo the bridge so that maybe people wouldn’t jump off of it only made the problem worse. You can probably see where this is going.

Yikes. Did somebody do this while the movie was filming?

The body is reported to be approximately two weeks old, so it’s got nothing to do with the production, which started yesterday. But it’s still an unfortunate coincidence, especially since the shoot was actually going on while the body was being retrieved by police.

Wait, didn’t anybody tell the crew they were removing a corpse from the water?

Apparently not. We can’t imagine they’re very happy about that, either.

So, next summer, we might see the police fishing a corpse out of the river in the background while Thor knocks cars around?