Deadpool’s 10 Best Fourth Wall Breaks

10. Deadpool Vol. 1 #65

Writer: Gail Simone    Artist: Udon

This one is more Nostradamus than fourth wall break as when this was published, “Wolverine: Origins” and the “Deadpool” movie had yet to be announced, let alone have Reynolds’ name attached to it.


9. Deadpool Vol. 1 #43

Writer: Christopher Priest    Artist: Jim Calafiore

I’ve always wondered who put that signpost there in the middle of an asteroid belt.  And how it’s in English.

8. Deadpool Vol. 1 #56

Writer: Buddy Scalera    Artist: Karl Kerschl

It will NEVER be not amusing to poke fun at Liefeld and his love for ridiculously over-sized weapons.

7. Deadpool Vol.1 #28

Writer: Joe Kelly    Artist: Pete Woods

For some reason, no one else has quite as many memorable moments with Wade as Bullseye does.

6. Deadpool Vol.1 #26

Writer: Joe Kelly    Artist: Pete Woods

How long has it been since covers told us what the comic inside was actually about?

5. Deadpool Vol. 1 #67

Writer: Gail Simone    Artist: Udon

This panel gets a giggle out of me every time I see it.


4. Deadpool Team-Up #885

Writer: Tony Bedard     Artists: Claude St. Aubin & Scott Hanna

Deadpool literally tears through the flimsiness of his own story in order to reach the resolution.  I don’t know if that’s brilliance or writer’s block.

3. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Released by Capcom

Deadpool literally assaults his opponent with their own health and hyper combo bars.  Then he mouths off at Capcom and (in other videos) mocks the player’s skill level.  I almost bought the game just for him.

2. Deadpool Vol. 2 #4

Writer: Daniel Way    Artist: Paco Medina

You know what I said earlier about Liefeld and big guns?  Well that goes double for his love of pouches.

However, coming in at number one with what is probably the ultimate form of breaking the fourth wall is….

1.  Deadpool Vol. 1 #34

Writer: Christopher Priest    Artist: Paco Diaz

This scene has always struck me as a bit creepy.  Maybe it’s the pseudo-voyeuristic look on Wade’s face as he realizes what his existence adds up to.

… And there you go!  Deadpool’s 10 finest instances of breaking down the barrier between story and reader!  I seemed to have remembered an old cover where Deadpool drops a duffel bag with the note “Every good idea Joe Kelly ever had” down the drain, but in my hours of research, I failed to locate it.  10 Internet points to anyone who can find me the image and prove I’m not as loony as I think I am.  Until next time!