Denny’s Is Making Everyone Depressed With This Unassuming Tweet About Pancakes

The latest dumb meme going around the internet is basically a visual scavenger hunt, in which participants are asked to zoom in on a photo, follow the teeny instructions, and then zoom around to other parts of the photo in hopes of unearthing a hidden, usually hokey message. For obvious reasons, the game lends itself best to viewing on mobile devices.

Shelf life for these type of memes tend to last anywhere in the time frame of about a few days to a few weeks — but before this one got stale, Denny’s social media decided to play along with the above tweet instructing people to “zoom in on the syrup.” Lest anyone jump to conclusions that this is going to be the second coming of “be sure to drink your Ovaltine,” allow me to direct you to the tweet’s likes and retweets, which stand at 113,004 and 83,037 in less than 24 hours, respectively, at the time of this writing.

Come again? Just what are you saying here, Denny’s? Let’s have a look…

If you’ve having trouble reading it, the final message says: “has this distracted you from overwhelming existential dread lol.” Well shit, Denny’s, it had until you had to go and mention all of that damn existential dread again. Denny’s ain’t got nothing on Nihilist Arby’s. Thanks for the pancakes and the heaping dose of depression.

(Via AdWeek)