Disney World To Add Indiana Jones Themed Restaurant

Hot on the heels of the announcement that there will definitely, probably be a fifth Indiana Jones film, Disney has said that it will add an Indiana Jones-themed restaurant to its Downtown Disney property at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

“Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar” — named after Indy’s pilot from Raiders of the Lost Ark — is an aviation-themed restaurant that will be situated between the Paradiso 37 and Boathouse restaurants on Lake Buena Vista. I’m guessing it’s this unmarked building on the map:

The restaurant will feature Indiana Jones-themed drinks like the “Hovito Mojito” and appetizers like “Rolling Boulder Meatballs.” I’m not quite sure why they chose to focus on such a — well, obscure’s not really the right word if you’ve seen Raiders as many times as I have — seldom-
seen character in the franchise, but Jock (and his snake, Reggie) lends itself to the world travel theme they’re going with here.

The decor will also include correspondence between Indy, Jock, and other characters from the films. There’s indoor and outdoor seating, and apparently even a decommissioned steamboat outside on the dock.

I was just at Downtown Disney in March, and it was a mess of construction. I guess I now know why. The great news about Downtown Disney if you’ve never been to Disney World is, it’s free to wander around in. It’s similar to Universal’s City Walk. There are no rides, but plenty of stores and restaurants. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is set to open this fall.

via Slashfilm