Don Jr’s Extremely Amped-Up Speech At His Dad’s Georgia Rally Might Remind You Of A Certain ‘The Office’ Character

At least no one can ever accuse Donald Trump Jr. of making it boring. From his unhinged Fox News appearances to his bizarre, glassy-eyed rants from inside what looks like a Motel 6, one can always count on Jr. to bring the “wtf” quality to presidential-spawn speeches. On Monday night, he stumped at his Dad’s Georgia rally for GOP Senate-runoff candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler (who are going toe-to-toe with Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock). Control of the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance, and Don Jr. did his best (and succeeded) at stirring up the MAGA audience with a speech that rivaled the shouty nature of his partner, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

That’s quite a feat, but this speech stands out most for Don Jr.’s “jokes,” which sound like they could come from the mouth of a certain The Office character. That’d be Michael Scott (played-up to perfection by Steve Carell), known for his offensive remarks that viewers know not to take at face value because Scott’s buffoonery (and the environment that he perpetuates) is part of the joke. The similarities between Michael Scott and Don Jr. are stark with this sexist line from his speech: “Amen is not a gendered term… if I go to a restaurant and ask what’s on the womenu…”

And of course, that’s the part of the speech that Don Jr. proudly chose to showcase on his own Twitter account (it pairs well with his transphobic entries of late).

Granted, this is not the first or the second time that Don Jr. has been compared to The Office boss, and what’s obviously different in this equation is that the audience is laughing along with Don Jr. at this rally. That gave him the opportunity to drop weak metaphors about balls and going home and, well, everything that his dad will have to do on January 20.

The bottom line, though? Don Jr. sounds like a bit of a madman and an awful stand-up comic, but clearly, there’s a market for that with the MAGA crowd.