Don Jr. Got Schooled For Whining About His Dad Getting No Credit For ‘Obliterating’ ISIS And Establishing A ‘Case Study’ Against Terrorists

No one knows for sure where Donald Trump Jr. gets his energy, but nonetheless, the Energizer Twitter bunny continues to fire shots at those who do not stand with Trump. Afghanistan has been a particularly hot-button issue for Kimberly Guilfoyle’s boyfriend, with Jr. first receiving comeuppance after gloating about the Fall of Kabul on Biden’s watch. And the eldest Trump son appears to completely disregard that his dad did the botched dealmaking for “peace” that ultimately wasn’t honored here. Don Jr. also attempted to compare his dad to Batman while suggesting that his Trump would swoop in and save Afghan civilians (and U.S. citizens stuck in the fray) from the Taliban, which is simply bizarre.

What’s the most vocal member of the Trump family (and that’s saying something) got to say today about Trump and terrorist groups? He’s whining about his dad not getting enough credit for supposedly wiping ISIS off the map. Yep, he went there.

“Trump doesn’t get one-millionth the credit he deserves for obliterating ISIS,” Don Jr. tweeted. “[W]hen it was a case study in what we should be doing: kill the terrorists, don’t try to nation build and launch forever wars, defend the homeland. America First.”

At least he didn’t throw in a weird detail about how much he misses his dad?

Well, this tweet isn’t sitting well for Don Jr. Not only are people wondering if “The Former Guy” (his dad) has maybe snatched his kid’s phone and is tweeting through his account, but clearly, ISIS has not been “obliterated” at all. In fact, some argue that Trump’s moves may have helped ISIS flourish.

It’s worth noting, as mentioned by one of the above tweets, that Lindsey Graham previously pushed back (hard) at Trump’s claim he’d eliminated ISIS. Don Jr. has already given up on the subject, however, so that he can bash Australia for its COVID policies.