People Are A Little Worried About Don Jr. After Seeing An Especially Unhinged Video

Donald Trump Jr. wasn’t always sure what to do with his life, but in the last five-plus years he’s found a purpose: He’s his father’s most unhinged hype man. Since his dad lost re-election in November, his videos have gone even further into the ether. Bleary-eyed, slurry, incoherent rants have become de rigueur for the 45th president’s oldest (and possibly jailbound) son, prompting much speculation about what may have inspired their ostentatious battiness. But his latest has people kind of worried about his health.

It’s not clear where it was posted, and only a 30-second clip has been making the rounds. (He did just join Cameo, incidentally.) But it finds an even more amped-up than usual Don Jr., on some kind of unfollowable nonsense about Biden and Putin and also…McDonald’s? It seems to (maybe) be about his father’s successor trying to get the Russian president to not spy on him. Or something. Hunter’s in there, too. If there was a larger, more coherent point Jr. was making, it’s not evident from this clip, which manages to meander, even in 30 seconds, all while drowning in bitter sarcasm.

People usually mock Don Jr. over these videos, but this one, people felt, was particularly off the deep end. And many thought maybe he should seek help for whatever’s wrong with him.

Others simply made jokes about you know what.

Or maybe it’s genetic.

Some advised him to maybe write it down first.

And others joked that someone may have paid a lot of money for this.

Of course, Don Jr. has reason to worry. D.C. prosecutors are coming for some of his posse, while his sister’s in trouble, too. And of course, there’s his dad, who has his own problems.