Just FYI, Lots Of Tickets Are Still Available For Donald Trump And Bill O’Reilly’s Vaunted ‘History Tour’

It’s hard to believe that no one wants to listen to Donald Trump bloviate about his presidential history, especially given his propensity for rewriting it. But if the ticket sales for Trump and disgraced former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s so-called “History Tour” are any indication, the yuge crowds Trump regularly (and often falsely) boasts about attracting to his various rallies, insurrections, and other public events don’t seem to be as enthusiastic about supporting the former president if it means forking over their hard-earned dollars.

As Newsweek reports, despite the fact that tickets for this “limited engagement national tour”—which start at $100 and are priced into the thousands for premium options—first went on sale in June, there are still thousands of tickets still available, including the cheap seats. Even for the kick-off events, which are happening on Saturday at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida, and Sunday at the Amway Center in Orlando, Ticketmaster still has thousands of tickets available for each event. (Both venues have seating for just about 20,000 people.)

That fans are flocking to shell out thousands of dollars to watch O’Reilly kiss Trump’s ass in person is hardly news. Back in July, when Politico wrote an article about the tour’s sluggish sales titled “Ticket Sales Are Moving Slowly For The Coming Trump-O’Reilly Stadium Tour,” O’Reilly threatened to sue the media outlet… in an interview with the writer.

When asked about ticket sales for the event, Liz Harrington, a spokesperson for the crowd-size-conscious former president, countered that the tour had “already sold over $5 million of tickets, and the excitement and enthusiasm is unlike anything we’ve seen before.” Then added that, “Come December, the sold-out shows will be a memorable night for all.”

Note: It’s December.

O’Reilly was a bit more aggressive in his denouncement of Politico writer Daniel Lippman’s findings on ticket sales. In fact, he seemed to be on a totally different page than Trump when he overshot his partner’s official tally, stating:

“We have more than $7 million in the bank. We haven’t spent a nickel on marketing, nothing. All those $7 million for four shows were done on the announcement. Marketing will start in about a week. Nobody has sold tickets this fast at this price, and VIPs are sold out at 3 of the 4 venues.”

O’Reilly also told Lippman that “I’m not the ticket counter,” then thoughtfully added: “You put one word in there that’s not true, I’ll sue your ass off and you can quote me on that. You’re just a hatchet man and that’s what you are.”

“The History Tour” kicks off in Florida this weekend. Tickets are most definitely still available.

(Via Newsweek)