In Defense Of ‘Ghostbusters II’ — A Pretty Good Sequel

Features Writer
01.01.16 15 Comments


For a movie as universally beloved as Ghostbusters, its sequel is certainly polarizing. Released in the summer of 1989, five years after the first movie took theaters by storm, Ghostbusters II told a similar story and managed to capture some the same lighthearted charm as the original. It also happens to be a rather delightful movie to watch on New Year’s Day, given that the film’s antagonist, Vigo The Carpathian (played by Wilhelm Von Homburg, but voiced by Max Von Sydow), times his entire evil plan around the coming of the New Year.

With a long-rumored third installment residing in development hell for years before finally giving way to make room for Paul Feig’s forthcoming all-female reboot, here’s a look at why Ghostbusters II is not an underrated classic, but an ideal movie to watch as one year fades into the next.

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