Trump Is Reportedly Spending His Days Wandering Aimlessly Around Mar-A-Lago Talking To Strangers Like A Retiree On A Seemingly Endless Cruise

Currently, Donald Trump is holed up in Mar-a-Lago — his estate in Palm Beach, Florida — without the ability to access social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and update his followers on what he’s doing down there. That radio silence means we’re all being treated to some pretty weird accounts of what a day in the life of a twice-impeached former president looks like, and while it’s mostly overpriced lunches and wedding crashing and golf (lots of golf), the most recent report of Trump’s activity is … well, bizarre.

According to an in-depth feature from Bloomberg, Trump is meandering the halls of his palatial beachfront estate and occasionally dipping into a memorial service when he’s in need of some company.

No, really, the guy is attending funereal receptions for complete strangers.

Apparently, Trump will “show up to anything,” including a gathering of Mar-a-Lago club members who recently got together to remember their late friend. As far as we know, Trump didn’t know the person in question, he just “sauntered in to deliver remarks and hung around,” enjoying the attention and praise from guests that he’s now become reliant on. And look, giving meandering speeches about how the 2020 Presidential Election was “stolen” from you at a stranger’s reception is one thing, but stealing the limelight from someone who’s just died because you need the extra attention is just bleak, even for Trump.

The rest of the article paints a strange picture of what life in Florida is like for Trump and his cronies with everyone from Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. to Sean Hannity and his Fox News colleague Neil Cavuto buying up property in the state to be closer to their ex-president. Trump’s still attending rallies, giving speeches, and forgetting how to properly wear a pair of pants — at one point the article compares his uniform of blue slacks, a white gold shirt, and a red MAGA hat to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s infamous black Mao suit look — while Republican party members, even the ones who don’t like him very much, are courting his favor in hopes he’ll throw his support behind their campaigns. It all sounds like a Twilight Zone episode about the cult-like mentality of conservatism and it’s extremely off-putting.

On the other hand, this is a guy who had a Diet Coke panic button installed in the Oval Office and once suggested people inject bleach into their veins to combat COVID-19 so really, should we be that surprised that he’s morphed into the real-life version of Chazz from Wedding Crashers?

(Via Bloomberg)