Don Jr.’s Hot Take On The ‘Meghan Markle/Prince Harry Hostage Video’ Is That Meghan Is Just Desperate For Attention (Oh, The Irony!)

Donald Trump Jr. has weighed in on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s tell-all interview with Oprah that aired over the weekend and in a quite shocking twist, his opinion turned out to be a useless rant that absolutely nobody asked for. (Just kidding. That’s pretty much exactly what we’d expect from Don Jr.)

Yes, the former president’s son recorded a lengthy video giving his recap of the highly-publicized sit-down where he implied that Prince Harry had been “brainwashed into some sort of woke reality,” before unsurprisingly blaming Markle for all of the couple’s problems over the last few years.

“Are we pretending that Meghan Markle isn’t the kind of person that was looking for all of this attention?” Don Jr. questions in the video. “Because it seems like literally all of her actions in life up until now, we’re about getting that kind of attention for herself.” He added, “She just wants it to be good attention. The problem is if you don’t have the personality to do that. It doesn’t always work out as much.”

Donald Trump Jr. accusing someone else of wanting attention? Oh, the irony!

Trump’s eldest son seemed to think his take on the interview mattered because he’s actually met the Queen before, a shameless flex he used to paint Markle as some sort of villain in this whole thing, berating Oprah for not pressing the couple on allegations of bullying that recently surfaced ahead of the tell-all.

“Her getting up there and being the victim of all of this when it seems like there are people that work for her that say she’s no angel …” Don Jr. said. “When I’m watching those videos, when I’m watching this interview I can almost guarantee you that those people probably were verbally abused and treated like crap because she doesn’t seem like the kind of person that treats other people all that well.”

Again, pot, meet kettle.

For someone as proudly “patriotic” as the Trump family posits itself to be, it’s a bit weird that Don Jr. is now coming out as such a staunch royalist/monarchist. Then again, his dad does share a mutual friend with Prince Andrew!