Don Jr. Is Predictably Melting Down About ‘Oppressive Totalitarian’ Biden After His Sweeping Vaccine Mandate

Take a page from his dad’s playbook, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter on Thursday evening to rant against President Joe Biden’s sweeping vaccine mandate. In predictable Junior fashion, the tweets were low on original thoughts and high on regurgitating right-wing talking points such as “Who’s the oppressive dictator now?” and “Actually, all the COVID comes from illegals.” Then again, we’re dealing with a guy who thinks his father terrified the Taliban with his superior “brainpower” and obliterated ISIS, despite the terrorist group still being active.

But perhaps Junior’s biggest crime is that he still hasn’t learned to thread his tweets just like dad. You can see his scattershot rantings about Biden’s vaccine mandate below:

Do we even live in a free country anymore?

In Biden’s America, American citizens who make a personal medical decision that Joe disagrees with are talked down too, segregated from society & not allowed to provide for their families, but all of unvaccinated illegals coming across the border are welcomed with open arms!!!

Where’s all the oppressive totalitarian dictator talk??? We heard it for 5 years for everything and anything Trump said but the press and the left is strangely silent when there’s actually totalitarianism happening???

Biden’s sweeping mandate is in direct response to the Delta variant continuing to tear through the country, particularly amongst the unvaccinated. With the COVID vaccine now approved by the FDA, businesses can now mandate their employees get the shot or be subjected to weekly tests if they refuse. Naturally, the announcement didn’t sit well with anti-vaxxers, but the biggest bombshell for right-wing corners was hearing Biden name-drop Fox News as one of the companies that already has a vaccine mandate, despite its prominent hosts like Tucker Carlson pushing anti-vaccination views.

(Via Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter)