Don Jr. Is Being Mocked For His Very Confusing Map Of A Trump Victory

With Election Day upon us, Americans are bracing for a whirlwind of crazy, and Donald Trump Jr. is already delivering right out of the gate. In an early morning post on Tuesday, Don Jr. tweeted out a very odd electoral map that predicts his father will win… almost the entire globe? You can take a look at the map below, which suffers from some significant geographical errors beyond the strange decision to include countries that aren’t the United States.

Needless to say, folks are very confused at what exactly Don Jr. is trying to say with his weirdo map, but the prevailing theory seems to be that he confused India with Iran and that he also doesn’t know how bodies of water work.

People also had a field day with the suggestion that Antarctica is apparently a red state that will ensure a decisive win for the Trump campaign. (If you’re sensitive to penguin slander, you might want to look away.)

Don Jr.’s map also included Russia as a Trump win, which is a particularly boneheaded move given the campaign and Junior’s own attempts to dispel rumors that Vladimir Putin interfered with the 2016 election to ensure Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton. There’s also the very real concern that Russia is already meddling with the 2020 election, so not exactly the brightest decision on Junior’s part.

As for where the map was lifted from because it’s not like Don Jr. is sitting around compiling maps on his computer, Law and Order‘s Christopher Meloni stepped in with a solid guess.

Is TV’s Elliot Stabler correct? It certainly does look like an early map of pandemic hot zones, so it’s a pretty strong guess. There’s also another likely source, which sadly, would not be out of place for the Trump campaign.

Back in August, Don Jr. had to stamp out widespread accusations that he was on cocaine during his RNC speech. We’re sure these two events are unrelated.