Shouty, Amped Up Don Jr. Is Blowing A Gasket Over A Report That President Biden Lifts Weights

After his father’s second impeachment trial and removal from office, Donald Trump Jr.’s new brand seems to be having on-camera meltdowns over the most innocuous bits of news.

Case in point: Don Jr. threw a fit over recent media coverage that highlighted President Joe Biden’s exercise routine. Now, as the most powerful world leader and the figurehead of the U.S. government, it feels fair for journalists to inquire into Biden’s health. After all, former President Donald Trump’s staffers used to leak talking points about his diet of Filet-O-Fish sandwiches and that Diet Coke panic button. It’s kind of comforting for American voters to know their current president is more focused on healthy habits.

But apparently, it’s kind of triggering for Don Jr. to hear that Biden is committed to staying fit and healthy because the poor guy absolutely lost it in a video he uploaded to social media early Tuesday.

In the clip, Trump Jr. called out White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki after answered a question or two focused on Biden’s workout regimen. When a reporter inquired into the president’s practice of lifting weights, Psaki responded: “I can tell you traveling with him a fair amount, sometimes he’s hard to keep up with.”

Don Jr. seemed to take offense to the idea that Biden, who’s been in the grueling game of public service for decades longer than his own father, had a strong work ethic, and he made sure that America knew just how upset he was over this piece of news that really has nothing to do with him.

“Really, Jen?” Trump shouts in the video. “He can’t walk up the stairs of Air Force One without falling over! Now, if you said that he’s hard to keep up with because you have no idea what the hell he is saying when he’s speaking, that I would understand. But if you’re going to tell me that he’s hard to keep up with physically when we don’t see him doing anything early … you don’t see him doing anything late.”

You mean like trolling Saturday Night Live on Twitter and watching Fox News? Fair enough.

“I mean, does anyone really believe he’s hard to keep up with?” he continued. “You and I and any reasonable being with a brain has no idea what he’s saying. But these are the hard-hitting questions from the media. I mean, oh, we’re blowing it out. This is journalism. They’re asking all the tough questions! What the hell are you asking about?”

We think they’re asking about the fitness level of the man responsible for governing the free world, Don. Sheesh.