Don Jr. Called LeBron James A ‘Bitch’ And People Gleefully Roasted Him As A ‘Flabby Coke Head’ Who’s Never Done Anything Notable In His Life

Earlier this week, LeBron James had a couple of fans sitting courtside tossed out of the Lakers/Pacers game in Indiana for saying things he “would never say to a fan, and they should never say to a player.” Naturally, amateur bloviating opinion-haver and possibly soon-indicted Donald Trump Jr. — fresh off of being labeled an “idiot” by Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer — apparently had nothing better to do on this Saturday night than to take to Instagram to call “LaSnitch” a “bitch” over the incident.

He also fired up Photoshop to give “LaKaren” a MAGA-meme-makeover.

In the wake of the attack on James by “Traitor Tot,” people were quick to point out that the shout-y son of the twice-impeached former president would likely sh*t his pants if he ever stood face to face with LeBron James, one of the most impressive physical specimens to ever walk the face of the Earth, much less have the guts to call him a “bitch” to his face.

And then there’s also the fact that Don Jr.’s most notable life accomplishment is being his father’s son.

And this is probably something a few others can relate to.

Also, could it be merely a coincidence that “Don Jr” and “moronic” have both been trending on Twitter much of this Saturday night?

Don Jr.’s outburst also inspired noted Trump impressionist J-L Cauvin to expand his game a little.

Finally, here’s something to be thankful for: not having to spend holidays with Don Jr.