Trump Jr. Has A Convenient Excuse For Why He’ll Continue Wearing A Mask After Complaining About Mandates

After a Donald Trump-appointed federal judge struck down a nationwide mask requirement, many of the country’s largest airlines, including American, Southwest, Delta, and United, said they would stop requiring masks on flights. The Tomi Lahrens of the world are rejoicing (despite hundreds of people still dying every day from the coronavirus). But surprisingly, Donald Trump Jr. has vowed to continue wearing a mask when he’s in public — although not for the reason you think. Unless you think it’s for a selfish, “I’m so famous” reason, then you’re right.

In response to a poll that found that 56 percent of Americans favor requiring people on public transportation to wear masks, a glassy-eyed Trump Jr. tweeted, “Must be a lib poll. I’ve flown out of Miami & Cleveland in the last 2 days and about 90% of people are massless. I’m sitting in an airport now and I can see 60+ people and can count 5 masks including me but I’m wearing one for anonymity not bc I think a small cloth does anything.”

Later, Trump Jr. replied to a tweet that claimed, “The best part of lifting the mask mandate is that you can now tell with 100% certainty exactly how many libs are on your flight.” He wrote, “99.99% I’ll keep wearing one so I can stay under the radar.”

As the replies point out, “Your not wearing a mask for anonymity, your wearing it in case someone would approach u and do something to you, your a coward should anyone tell u off!!!!!” If Trump Jr. is so concerned with being recognized, why is he flying commercial? And when has a Trump ever wanted to be “under the radar”? How convenient.